Your Friend, Advertising

Advertising is like that ridiculous asshole "friend" you had who talked you into doing some really dumb shit. The one with the questionable morals and the reckless lack of consideration for others. The one you tell people about in disgrace, but not without mentioning how the two of you don't hang out anymore—your choice, of course. And when you tell them the stories of your ill-advised ventures, adventures, and misadventures, everybody laughs and groans out long, incredulous, "Nooooos" and "Seriouslys." And you look back and cringe at the litter of mistakes you've made while you were with your "friend" Advertising, and how every memory sticks out so poignantly like a road sign on a desert highway—ugly as sin, but invaluable against the duotone monotony. Like the memory of your roadtrip could not have been any other way. That asshole friend of yours. What ever happened to him?

Mike LinComment