Green Giant


Your Secret Side Dish

Frozen and preserved vegetables are often seen as the bland choice of an older generation. Green Giant needed to connect with younger consumers in a way that shifted their brand away from boring. We tapped into the simple truth that the most boring meals are actually ones without any sides. People need side dishes to introduce some variety to their plates, and frozen vegetables are the perfect quick and easy choice.

So we created Your Secret Side Dish, a shareable yet easily concealed phone number connected to a modified chat bot (typical of dating sites) that let users virtually cheat on their main courses with some yummy veggies on the side. We programmed it to send naughty veggie selfies, suggest sensual recipes, arrange veggie hookups at local retailers, and occasionally promote new product offerings—but most importantly it made people see Green Giant vegetables as an exciting way to satisfy their wandering palates.

or text (507) 944-2687

We promoted our secret phone number across various dating platforms, including the most infamous of them all, Ashley Madison.