Fact: people are insecure and endlessly curious about how others see them.
Fact: some people, even really, really good-looking ones, do not photograph well.

Vine, the social video sharing platform, is the perfect tool to capitalize on these points.

Introducing the first ever crowd-sourced social matchmaking platform that uses 7 sec. Vine video profiles:

Here's how it works:

Any user who lands on the page can vote. The site pairs up two participants' profile videos. Users then vote on which person is out of the other's league, or if the two make for a good couple. The winner stays, the loser goes. Global stats for each pairing are shown before a new participant slides in for the next round. For even match votes, new participants slide in for both sides.

However, the real fun only starts when you become a participant.

When you sign up as a participant and submit your own video, you'll have access to a private results page. Just like your pairings, your stats are curated based on your orientation. If you're interested in women, we'll only show the results from female voters. Once a pairing between you and another participant reaches a threshold of votes from the relevant gender, stats for that pairing will become available. None of those conceptual number rankings. Just real-world comparisons between you and other participants. That's what people really want to know.